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Pioneer Water Tanks - Newcastle, Hunter & Central Coast

Civcon Water Services Pty Ltd are your local dealer for Pioneer Water Tanks here in the Hunter Valley. Covering orders and installations which are located in Newcastle, Central Coast, Port Stephens, Dungog, Singleton, Denman, Muswellbrook, Buladelah and most of the surrounding areas. Pioneer Water Tanks are manufactured using strong and durable, fully recyclable 100% Australian Zincalume® or Colorbond® steel and have a variety of exclusive features of great benefit to customers.

They are made from corrugated steel with fully concealed bolts and are available in a variety of different COLORBOND colours which you can find on on our colour range page. They have a 150mm overflow which is larger than the in take to prevent tank overflow. Additionally they have been designed for Australia's bush fires, to withstand the fire front and have the option for including both main water supply and a fire reserve in the one tank while still keeping both water supplies completely separate.

Overflow Protection

With an in take that is less than the overflow rate you will avoid the disaster of a tank overflow.

Protection against an overflowing tank is made possible by the 150mm overflow provided with every Pioneer water tank, the largest overflow on the market. The down pipe on Pioneer water tanks is the largest on the market as well.

Preventing the steel from coming into contact with any water is the PVC wall which is one single solid piece. It also means there is no need for sealants based on chemicals, so that you're not going to get any contaminants from such chemicals in your water.

Corrugated Steel

The walls of Pioneer water tanks are corrugated, with an original and modern look called the "8-80 V-LOCK". This wall design gives the strength benefits of corrugated steel while presenting well (and you can match the colours with other COLORBOND products like fencing and roof tiles).

Inside the tank wall is the liner, which has been moulded to fit and is supported by the corrugated steel. So the liner is exposed to minimal stress and should last much longer.

Overall the corrugated steel looks good while keeping the water tank strong.

Fire Protection Features

Pioneer water tanks have been tested by the Australian Bushfire Cooperation Research Centre.

During a fire the tanks have been built to keep their structural integrity and retain water at the fire front. They should also hold their water and integrity after being hit by the fire front as well.

In case of a fire, you can have your Pioneer water tank designed to keep an emergency water supply reserve. Keeping your domestic supply and emergency fire supply completely separate so that the last of your tank's water is not accidentally used up right before it's needed most.

Colorbond Tanks

Match your tank colour with the rest of your home and garden. Since Pioneer water tanks are manufactured from COLORBOND steel from BlueScope, it means you can match the colours with various other COLORBOND products. This includes garage doors, fencing, roofing, patios and more. Certainly for the style conscious and those already with COLORBOND on their property.

Fresh & Chemical Free

Keeping your water fresh and safe to drink is the Aqualiner® Safe. It's a multi-player fabric with reinforced weaving and BPA free. The Aqualiner® means there is no need for cleaning chemicals. The PVC tank wall used to prevent steel from contacting water also means that no chemical based sealants are required either. Keeping your drinking water fresh and chemical free.

Keep A Lid On It

Thanks to the heavy duty swivel foot roof connector. The connector has a unique swivel foot and uses high tensile bolts. It's another exclusive to Pioneer tanks and it secures the tank roof in a manner that allows it to be easy to open while providing additional strength at the same time. Fantastic for heavy wind and other severe weather conditions.

Colorbond Colour Range

Colorbond Colour Range

A variety of different Colorbond colours to match your fence, roof, garage door and more.

Pioneer Tank Sizes

Pioneer Tank Sizes

Check the capacity and dimensions of the Pioneer water tank range.

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